This body of work will focus on women who are in recovery.  For right now, the series will focus on women in recovery from alcohol - but I reserve the right to feature women in all forms of recovery in the future.  

The light was dimmed for these women when they were struggling with alcohol (either a little or a lot).  I wish to honor them for their brave choice to ditch alcohol, rediscover themselves through sobriety + shine bright in the process.  I'm calling this body of artwork The Ray of Light Series: Women in Recovery.  

Starting on the first Friday in January 2017, every Friday I will feature one woman from this evolving series on my blog with a Ray of Light custom portrait + a short interview.  The end game for me with this project is to accumulate enough portraits to have a gallery show of this work + share the narrative of these strong women recovering out loud + helping to break the stigma associated with alcoholism.

If you are interested in being considered for this series, please send me a short email with your sobriety date, method or recovery modality + a short sentence or two about what sobriety has done for you and your life.  If I select your image, I will be in touch with follow-up questions + more details.

You must be willing to give me permission to use your image and you must have all rights to the original photograph.  Please do not send images that a professional photographer has taken without permission.  Selfies + childhood photos are preferred.

You can contact me via email tammisalas at mac [dot] com

Ray of Light No. 1 :: Tammi Salas
Ray of Light No. 2 :: Lara Frazier
Ray of Light No. 3 :: Hilary Massicotte
Ray of Light No. 4 :: Natalie Austin
Ray of Light No. 5 :: Sondra Primeaux
Ray of Light No. 6 :: Sara Dammann
Ray of Light No. 7 :: Sarajane  Parker
Ray of Light No. 8 :: Kacy Christiansen
Ray of Light No. 9 :: Nancy Carr
Ray of Light No. 10 :: Susan Sainsbury
Ray of Light No. 11 :: Olivia 'Liv' Pinnelle
Ray of Light No. 12 :: Kelly Fitzgerald
Ray of Light No. 13 :: Natalie Correa
Ray of Light No. 14 :: Nicole Morgan
Ray of Light No. 15 :: Ellen Atkins