Ground Zero + Alcohol + Me

On February 3, 2015, I stopped drinking alcohol.  I did not know that the night prior would end up being my last drink.  Also, I wasn't hungover when I made this decision.  I actually didn't fully sign on to the whole "not drinking alcohol" thing until a few days later after attending my monthly book club meeting.  It was the first time I didn't imbibe with all of the other ladies and I felt a physical shift happening as I sat around the table sipping bubbly water with lime.

I arrived home from that gathering, sat down on the couch and told my husband that I was going to give up alcohol indefinitely.  At the recommendation of my doctor on February 3rd, I had agreed to an elimination diet to tackle some of my health issues and we were starting with alcohol.  Eight weeks without booze or wine.  Eight weeks seemed like an eternity to me at the time.

I'm reposting this here on my new website as a way for those who are reading about my journey to help find my monthly milestones all in one place.  This initial post was long and meandering.  I don't think I fully knew what was about to happen to me in relation to abstaining from alcohol.  Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Here's my initial blog post about it.  It's from the old blog I used to write for about 7-1/2 years, Sonoma Coast Weekly.  I hope this helps frame my journey to sober living and serve as an inspiration for others struggling with this path.

Please feel free to share your path or ask questions in the comments section.  

Have a beautiful day.