Get into the Groove

Welcome to Groove: An 11-Day Creative Email Course for Curious Beginner which has been designed to help you foster creative shifts in your day-to-day life. The course is based on experiences from my own life and pulls from essays and stories I’ve shared over the years on my blog and website. It’s meant to reveal and share how I’ve navigated and found my way to becoming a creative entrepreneur. The course is designed to take you through the creative process and serve as your guide while you discover your own interests, encourage creative exploration and spur you into a creative practice.

How It Will Work

Each day for eleven days you'll receive a daily email. Each email will include an artful image and short essay (by Tammi Salas), daily suggestions which will consist of creative prompts/questions, a few quotes that will sync up with the writing and links to action items (like meditations, blog posts, books, film clips, Ted Talks, etc.) to help create a shift in your mindset and open you up to new teachers. Each groove email sequence will slowly build up your creative awareness, so that you can tap into your intuition and start listening to your inner knowings. Our time together will be short, but it is my hope that the daily reminders give you the nudge you need to start paying attention to the ways in which you already have everything you need to live a creative life.

The email sequence will launch on the 11th day of the month, depending upon which month you sign up for. For example, the first course is launching on January 11th and the last email in the sequence you will receive will be on January 21st.

The very next day, the 22nd of the month, a live group Zoom call with me (Tammi Salas) will take place at a time to be determined (PST). Please look for this link in your Day 11 email and join in at the designated time. I will be available to answer questions about the course, my favorite tools or creative process, in general.

At the end of our time together, it is my hope that you will grant yourself permission to keep doing the work necessary to foster your creative world and develop deeper grooves in your day-to-day creative routines.

Groovy Details



You will need minimal tools for this course.

  • Notebook + pen

  • Electronic device
    (to receive emails + do personal research)

  • An open mind



You will need anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for each email. You can do the bare minimum or take a deep dive into the assignments.

It’s totally up to you.

Bonus: 90-minute group Zoom call w/ Tammi on the 22nd of the month. (optional participation)



  • 11 days of emails w/ essay, prompts + links

  • One 90-minute group Zoom call with Tammi

  • $33. That works out to $3 bucks a day. Less than a latte from Starbucks.

You’re worth that, right?


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