Welcome to THE PROOF OF LIFE PROJECT, a four-week online creative workshop that will guide and teach you how to honor yourself through fun, easy weekly creative exercises. By signing up for this work, you will be giving yourself permission to start your very own creative practice(s) and show up in your life in new and inspiring ways. All of the projects are designed to be the proof that you are living in a way that best represents you. Because…

You are smart.
You are beautiful.
You are powerful.
You matter.
You are creative.
You deserve to be seen.
Your life is worth documenting.

When I quit drinking in 2015, I could barely find a picture of myself in my digital photo albums. I had basically edited myself out of my own life for five or so years. It was so bizarre to scroll through thousands of images and realize I wasn’t anywhere to be found.

The Proof of Life Project is an invitation to start your very own creative practice(s) + finally start showing up in your life through small creative acts. My hope is that over the course of our time together, I will help to remind you that you already have everything you need to begin to factor yourself back into your life using creative tools and exercises. We will be focusing our attention + intention on the following areas:

  • WEEK 1 - RITUALS + ROUTINES: We will investigate the power of habit + why I think it’s the fuel we need to help us tap into our intuition + creativity. i’ll share with you how I have created a solid morning routine + invite you to do the same throughout this week.

  • WEEK 2 - THE ART OF THE SELFIE: We will dive into self-portraits as a means of self-reflection, as well as writing prompts throughout the week.

  • WEEK 3 - ANALOG PRACTICES: i’m a big fan of documenting my life on paper + i’ll share my tricks of the trade with you, so that you can start your very own practice.

  • WEEK 4 - RAY OF LIGHT ARTWORK: focusing on humble tools + supplies that you most likely already have on hand, we’ll play around with your selfies (or a selfie of a loved one) and i’ll show you how make your very own ray of light mixed media artwork.

This month-long online creative workshop is right for you if…

  • you think you’re not an artist or a creative person

  • you have a loud inner critic

  • you want to create, but feel like an imposter

  • you just want to have fun + get a creative re-boot

  • you have made time for everyone else in your life and put yourself last

  • you are ready to demonstrate PROOF OF LIFE through creativity

This online creative workshop is jam-packed with shared experiences, suggestions and links to inspire. We will meet weekly on Saturdays at 9 am PST (via a group Zoom call) to discuss the week’s lesson and you will be given homework (but it will be fun homework!). The class will culminate in the completion of a one-of-a-king piece of art, made by you, in the spirit of my 2017 Ray of Light mixed media interview series.

I’m deeply honored to have you take this creative journey with me and allowing me to share my proof of life exercises with you, so that you can start showing up in your own life with more authenticity and reverence for who YOU really are. You’ll have all the proof you need.


This course was created based on how often I get asked about my proof of life exercises - my calendar system, daily gratitude lists, my trusty logbook, 3-ring binder obsession and accountability projects I’ve committed to over the years. You will have access to me once a week on our scheduled group Zoom calls and, if you get stuck during the week, you can email me questions about the homework assignment(s). I totally geek out on this kind of stuff.

During our final module I will be incorporating a hands-on assignment that will incorporate and riff on a body of work I created in 2017 called the Ray of Light Series, wherein I interviewed 52 women in recovery from alcohol and created a weekly mixed-media work of art to accompany the interview. It was also an accountability project for me and I posted and shared on my blog and on social media every Friday for an entire calendar year. This series really resonated with people. Your chosen image will be your guide into metaphorically telling the story of who you think you are. It’s super cathartic and meaningful and beautiful keepsake.

As we embark on this proof of life journey, you might come up with other ideas on how to bring a project to life. I welcome all of your ideas and would be happy to consult with you after the class ends about the best way to go about achieving your future project goal(s). I’m here to facilitate and collaborate and inspire. My hourly rate is $55 per hour, with a one hour minimum, for private consulting. You can purchase these additional sessions here + I’ll be in touch to schedule future sessions.

For a long time, I dimmed my light and made myself really small, but those days are over. I hope you’ll join me and allow me to give you permission to start using what you’ve learned during our time together and start showing up in your life more with your pictures, creativity and journals. THE PROOF OF LIFE PROJECT is a rallying cry for you to start showing up - exactly as you are - and celebrate what makes you YOU. Through our work, I hope you will be inspired to dig deep and explore what lights you up and start listening to your inner knowings and longings once again.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Proof of Life Details



These are suggested supplies. Don’t go out and buy anything fancy. I suggest using what you already have on hand. We’ll discuss more in our week one module.

  • Camera or phone to take photos

  • Ability to print photos or photocopy

  • Journal

  • Pens

  • Pencil

  • Artist Paintbrush (small, cheap)

  • Ruler (or something to use to make straight lines)

  • Colored pencils

  • Watercolors

  • Glue stick + Rubber Cement

  • Old magazines

  • Acrylic Paints (2-5 colors)

  • Tape

  • Wood panel (size TBD)



Starting Saturday, June 1, 2019

  • Saturdays at 9 am PST
    60 minutes of lessons, suggestions + inspiration by yours truly and then 30 additional minutes for questions, comments or creative sharing.

  • These Zoom calls will also will be recorded + shared (if you cannot attend).

  • Dates for June session: 6/1, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29

  • Graduation Sharing Session date/time TBD


Price + What You Get

The cost of this 4-week online creative workshop is $222, which will include:

  • Four 90 minute Zoom calls with me + the group

  • Four weeks of purposeful creative inquiry homework

  • Email support from me throughout our monthly module

  • LIVE Zoom call graduation sharing session for all students to talk about + share their final Ray of Light projects

  • A witness to your process + unfolding

Learn How Create
Your Own

Ray of Light Artwork During Week 4.