I am a Ray of Light.

Welcome to The Ray of Light Project, a two-week tutorial in honoring the self through metaphor + mixed media. This is an invitation to help you unlock your radiance and commemorate yourself (or a loved one) in a way that symbolizes story through the use of images + colors. By RSVP-ing to this online invitation, you will be RSVP-ing to yourself, too.

The course is based on a body of work I created in 2017 called the Ray of Light Series, wherein I interviewed 52 women in recovery from alcohol and created a weekly mixed-media work of art to accompany it. It was also an accountability project for me and I posted and shared on my blog and through social media every Friday for an entire calendar year.

When that series concluded, I offered commissions of the same type of work. What started happening is that women wanted more than just a mixed-media piece featuring themselves and they started requesting that I create Ray of Light artwork to honor a loved one that had passed on. After doing this for a little while, it became clear to me that I was developing attachments to my subjects and needed to spend more and more time with their images or needed more information from their loved one about who they were, what they loved and what colors brought them joy.

As the demand for more commissions were coming in, I realized that I could share my process for making the Ray of Light pieces and in doing so, would allow the maker to also experience the traversing of emotional terrain on their own time and in their own way. A healing component might develop for them, as it did for me. I’m not an art therapist, but I will share the fundamentals and tools needed to take this journey. All you need to do is be sure you’re ready to travel down this creative and emotional path with me.

How It Will Work

I have created a supply list that will list the tools necessary to create your very own Ray of Light mixed media piece. I have recorded ____ videos that you are free to view at your own pace. I will take you through the process start-to-finish and share tips and tricks I learned along the way.

As you embark on making your very own, you might come up with other ideas on how to expand this process - please do!

By the time you have completed your first Ray of Light, you will have a beautiful foundation for riffing on my tutorial and hopefully will feel empowered and free to add in components that make your piece more YOU.

For a long time, I dimmed my light, but not anymore. The Ray of Light Project is a rallying cry for you to dig deep and explore what makes you shine brightly. Let your image be your guide into telling your story and the rest will follow.

Radiant Details



A supply list will be sent to you once you are registered for the course.



You will need anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hours for each piece, depending on size and the number of rays of color you want to work with.



This self-paced course is only $55

Learn How Create
Your Own

Ray of Light